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No one wants to live a meaningless life.  But so many do.  
How does this happen?
Well, as you may have figured out, life is BUSY.  School, work, family, hobbies, sleep…there just doesn’t seem to be enough time.  20 years can pass by pretty quickly.  

We understand! We have been there; we are there at times.  But like any successful journey starts with a roadmap, a plan, this journey is no different.  If you have the right plan you will succeed.  

Have you heard the age old saying, "If you don’t plan your life, others will plan it for you”?  Well, its absolutely true.  

Most people live lives of busy confusion and wander why nothing ever changes.  

The people who do make a difference, stay healthy and achieve their goals do so because they have a plan.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose 10lbs or ending starvation in poor countries, the plan is always the same!  

So what is the plan?  We are glad you asked :)


Commitment + Proclamation + Accountability = Success.

Step 1: Commitment

What do you commit to?

Do you want to lose weight, get in shape, pray more, love deeper, or find balance? Whatever it is you must make a commitment.  A line in the sand that you WILL accomplish, you will achieve. 
So what is if for you.  What do you commit to?  
I COMMIT TO  _____________________________________________________________________.  (scrape and place in #icommitto flow)
Bonus: Groove ring is a great reminder of that commitment. In the shower, at work or at the gym Groove will remind you to push further, love deeper, finish stronger.
Step 2: Proclamation
Your commitment must be proclaimed and even displayed. You will never achieve your goals if you do not tell your loved ones and the world of what you WILL achieve and who you will become.
The time is now!  Share you your commitment and let the world know who you are!  It can be scary but we are with you!  #ICOMMITTO
Share your Commitment (SHARE BUTTON TO SOCIAL & EMAIL with prefilled “#ICOMMITTO”
("I commit to" Picture Autofilled)
Step 3: Accountability
You are not alone! It is your story BUT there has to be encouragement along the way. That’s were the Groove Life community comes in. It is a gathering of like minded people moving their lives and the world forward.  We, the Groove community, will hold you up, kick your butt and see that your finish strong.
Get connected with the private Groove community. Request and invite here. All applicants are hand processed. Please allow 3-4 days.
The time is now. The stakes are high. Change your plan, change your life, build a legacy.
         Request Invite (Button) > Page with survey > Thank you page >(Place on #Club Groove flow)