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7 Functional Items to Bring to the Box

by Peter Goodwin August 11, 2016

7 Functional Items to Bring to the Box

Hey, CrossFitter. You’ve gained a reputation as a strong, resilient athlete who doesn’t rely complicated equipment or machines to get fit. Your workout is based on functional movements—so, shouldn’t your gym bag be filled with functional items, too?

Without any frills, here are 7 surprisingly functional items to bring to bring along with you to the box:


  1. Groove Ring

Whether you worry about finger injuries, or your wedding ring is just uncomfortable on those bars, you have two options: stop wearing a ring altogether, or try out the Groove Ring.

These soft, pliable rings are made of silicone with recessed grooves to prevent sweat and irritation. No sharp edges. No injuries.

Oh, and the lifetime warranty isn’t bad either. Click here to see our entire collection.



  1. Athletic Tape

From muscle strains to blistered hands, athletic tape seems like the cure-all to aid and prevent further injuries. Some great brands include RockTape, Mueller, and StrenthTape.


  1. Fitness Tracking Watch

Tracking your time, heart rate, and calories burned has never been easier. There are plenty of fitness tracking watches to choose from, but we generally recommend Garmin, Fitbit, and Jawbone.


  1. Shaker Bottle

Pre-workout or post-workout, proper nutrition is imperative for muscle growth and recovery. But, really, is there anything worse than a mouth-full of protein powder? Keep the clumps out with a sturdy shaker—our personal favorite is Cyclone Cup.


  1. Journal

Keep track of your workouts and improvements with an organized fitness journal. For a CrossFit-focus, we recommend Rogue Fitness WODbook, but we also love BodyMinder.

But, hey, you don’t have to cough up cash for a fancy journal; just bring a plain-old notebook to keep track of your daily workouts.

Not interested in carrying pen and paper around the box? There are also workout tracking apps, such as Strong Workout Tracker and Training Log that are equally effective and easy.


  1. Electrolytes

Keep packs of electrolyte powders in your bag to replace the minerals lost during a workout. Make sure to keep the add sugar and dyes out, though.

We like Hammer Heed and even easy-to-carry Emergen-C for quick mixing and hydration.


  1. Travel-Sized Foam Roller

Work out those tight muscles right away with a travel foam roller. These are small enough to fit in your gym bag and can be a serious life-saver after a brutal WOD. Opt for Trigger Point’s rollers, or even carry a lacrosse ball in your bag—they are small, firm, and can get the kinks out just about as effectively. Try it out.


So, what are you waiting for? Pack that bag and go hit some PRs—the box is waiting.

Peter Goodwin
Peter Goodwin


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