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Finding Your Groove Series

by Benjamin Seifried January 20, 2017

Finding Your Groove Series

 Welcome to the Groove+Life Blog!

This article represents the first in a series of posts dedicated you, our customers and your stories behind your experiences.

The only thing more unique than the silicone bands themselves, are the stories that get shared with us every day. Stories of marriages, of accidents and near misses. Some funny, some sad, and yes...some ghastly tales that may warrant disclaimers. No matter what the tale they all seem to point to how an unassuming silicone band ring has affected their lives in some way for the better. We like that.

This has inspired GrooveLife to set out on our own journey of sorts, with the help of you of course. As we open the doors to our blog and begin to provide tools, tips, life hacks, and more, it seems more than fitting that we begin by honoring those that have allowed us to exist in the first place. It is your decision to buy and wear a Groove Ring and the stories behind that purchase that have laid the foundations for all that we have achieved so far... and will continue to build together.

While everyone's path is unique and many times we find ourselves walking alone, it's nice to be reminded from time to time that we are also all very much in this thing together. I believe that when we take the time look at all of our commonalities instead of dwelling on a handful differences we are building a better future for all of us. 

Maybe sharing these stories can help us all feel a bit more connected. To see parts of ourselves woven within the journeys others have made and are still making, seeing the enduring spirit of others in a way that recognizes a kinship where you may never have thought existed. That would be something.  

I'm excited to see what happens. Here's to finding your place. finding your passion, and living your life's purpose out loud. Here's  to Finding the steady path.... Here's to..



Finding your Groove:



Being an active drummer means at any given moment I have 2 - 50 people counting on me to pair rhythm to their melody.  They count on me to stay on-the-beat and in time no matter what. There is room for daydreaming as I have to stay totally in the present moment. Thinking too far into the future or dwelling even a half of a beat too long in the past signals disaster.
Life is a lot like drumming I think. Both require constant practice, hard work, and dedication. It helps me to have a constant reminder of what I am working to achieve.
That reminder for me nowadays is my groove ring. It has become the proverbial twine tied around my finger. My groove ring serves as a physical reminder of the promises I’ve made to myself, my bandmates, and my intention to keep them.
As a drummer, I do not normally wear a ring. Handling drums,  microphones, guitars, and other equipment can be sensitive work. Most rings could leave scratches or make inappropriate sounds at all the wrong times and during a live performance I can’t afford to be thrown off or miss a beat,  my hands get sweaty while drumming and I can’t have a ring that slips or traps moisture. The silicone ring has none of these problems.
It’s comfortable and doesn’t impede my motion in any way. I’m pursuing my dreams and my groove ring is a daily reminder that I’m moving forward every day. Intention is everything and I intend to keep this ring with me for the journey as I continue to find my groove in life.
Thanks for letting me share!



That is just the first of many articles to come where you, our customers, and Groove +Life community get to share your stories. Some inspiring, some sad, some cringe-worthy, but not matter what they are sure to be as unique as our body of supporters.

Want to share your story?  Write at blog@groovelife.co for instructions on how to submit your unique Groove Ring story for a chance to get published on our blog and receive a special ring set. We can wait to hear from you.



Benjamin Seifried
Benjamin Seifried


Hey! I like stuff. Lots of it. All kinds of various topics, subjects, distractions. I love reading and writing about self-improvement or actualization, technology, books, and cinema (yes I wrote the word cinema). I love my children, my work, and the breath in my lungs, Today I even have a fondness for being run ragged as I try to build something out of nothing so it can hopefully be at least one thing... and if you just read that, and if it brought some small amount of value?... well that's everything isn't it.

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Silicone Ring Sizing Guide By Groove Ring

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The Ring Test

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